Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Revelstoke bouldering updates

Here is a collection of random updates to various Revy bouldering topos, from 2016 to present.  If there are others I should add, please contact me with info :) 


*Dan Anhorn added two problems around the back of the "Raining Potatoes" boulder in 2019, "Lack of Potatoes" (V1) and "Potato Famine" (V3): Click here to see video

The highlighted line above is known as "Jack of All Trades". It starts as far low and left as possible (without sitting in the river!), then moves low and right through the face to join "Incredible Human Hand".

Project 33 is now "Pop Fly" (V7, FA Braden McCrae, 2021)

The Laughing Gas project has been completed, and is called "Roots".

The highlighted line above is known as "The Thing That Should Not Awaken". Start as per "The Thing That Should Not Be", but continue left to join and finish on "Rude Awakening".

Victor Lake

Project 2 is "The Conductor" (V8, FA Tyler Thompson, 2016)

Project 9 is "Professional Development".
Project 11 is "The Five Venoms" (V9/10, FA Tyler Thompson)

Eagle Pass

Project 8 is "Existential Dread".

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